The Federation

The art and sport of pole athletics has grown immensely in recent years and the need for an organized federation became clear. In response to this need, a group of passionate professional pole athletes created the Pole Sports and Arts World Federation (POSA) to ensure recognition of pole as a sport.

With sports recognition as its goal, the POSA was created to unite, regulate, organize, lead, and develop the practice and competition of pole sports and pole art around the world. As an international federation, POSA supports, represents, and defends all affiliated country federations. All affiliated competitions are standardized in athlete expectations and judging methods.


  • To acknowledge and establish the different aspects of pole, namely pole sport and pole art
  • To organize championships and/or competitions inherent in their practice
  • To establish and enforce all technical and ethical rules regarding the practice of activities that it regulates
  • To organize the training and development of pole sport professionals around the world, including coaches, judges, and athletes
  • To implement professional trainings for judges, coaches, and athletes according to the rules
  • To guide pole sports towards international recognition through the International Olympic Committee

Our Members

Switzerland was the first country to join POSA, quickly followed by Russia, France, Brazil, Italy, Croatia, and the United States of America. Many other countries are in the process of creating their own federations and joining POSA in order to provide global values, experience, and standardization to the art and sport of pole.

For information about the Pole Sports and Arts World Federation: